Moose Hunting

If you’re considering a moose hunting adventure destination, you need only to choose Newfoundland, Canada. We have vast pristine green wilderness hunting areas with lots of moose and, at A1Hunts, we offer you a well-organized, unforgettable hunt.

Moose Hunting in Newfoundland Canada"Great time, great food and amazing people! We had a great time and will be back. Got my first moose." Ronnie and Tammy C.

Newfoundland is an island and a big game hunter's dream, boasting an extremely high overall moose population. There is almost no natural predation and our mild winters have practically no effect on our moose population. These factors, along with there being no ticks or other parasites here to weaken the moose during the winter months, result in some of the highest moose population densities and hunting success rates on the planet.

Enjoy Moose Hunting in Newfoundland, Canada!

A1Hunts takes every measure to insure you a successful, exhilarating wilderness Newfoundland moose hunting experience.


With relatively very low human hunting pressure and low natural predation, along with plenty of natural shelter (from inclement weather) and abundant natural food and water in the habitat, A1Hunts' large hunting area provides a tranquil wilderness paradise teeming with moose.



"Good company, good food and nice bull.Mark S. 

Further, at A1Hunts, we plan and work year-around in our areas to maintain and ensure your success, and we also restrict the number of hunters that we take in any given week to 6, much less than our capacity to accommodate.

As a result, our 26-year historical opportunity for moose success rate has been 95% ... over the past 4 years, 98%.

Remote Newfoundland Moose Hunts Of Stress-free Animals!

Hunting Moose in Newfoundland Remote Hunting Cabin Twin Lakes

You may use varied hunting techniques in our various areas, zones and terrain, and during different times of the season. You will normally conduct your hunts, with the help and advice of and accompanied by our top-quality guides, by foot to hunting zones directly out of our remote hunting camps, or by wilderness mobile 4WD or ATV equipment, or boat, to more distant drop-of points and then from there by foot to even more remote spotting points and hunting areas. 

Each of our wilderness hunting cabins and tent camp can house up to 4 hunters (plus 4 guides), but we limit the number to 2 hunters (plus 2 guides). Our remote tent camp and mobile camper can each accommodate 2 hunters (and 2 guides), while our main lodge can accommodate up to 8 hunters (plus 8 guides and staff), although we limit to 6 hunters.

We employ a hunting zone rotation program by 'resting’ certain areas periodically and even seasonally. We also take advantage of existing close-by excellent moose habitat areas created from limited professional forest wood harvesting. These measures are to ensure that none of our zones suffers from over-hunting and makes certain the availability of stress-free mature animals.

Excellent staff, knowledgeable and professional. Great food, clean and comfortable accommodations." Chuck R.

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Working hard for your success is not just our job, its our passion!!

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