Bear Hunting

Newfoundland Bear HuntsWhen you choose Newfoundland, Canada, for your black bear hunting distination, you put yourself in position to possibly harvest the next world record black bear.  

“[I liked] being in Newfoundland, the beautiful terrain, the food.” Nathaniel B.

It’s true that Newfoundland has some of the largest black bears in the world, with very low hunting pressure. We have rare bears in excess of 500 pounds with genetics and abundant natural food supply that produce extremely high Boone and Crocket, and Pope and Young, skull measurements. Your chances of beating the existing record are as good or better here as they are anywhere else in the world.

Enjoy Black Bear Hunting in Newfoundland, Canada!

At A1Hunts, our remote, unspoiled green wilderness black bear hunting areas are full of wild berries and decaying over-mature trees which are rich in ants and other small insects. Berries and insects are the staples of the black bear diet, and our Twin Lakes habitat supports a very dense black bear population. 


With over 27 years of experience in black bear hunting and bait-station management, and with the aid of trail cameras and our other techniques, we can put you onto the black bear trophy of your dreams!

“[I liked] the food, camp, equipment, guides.” Charles R.



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"Keep up the good work." Mike M.

Working hard for your success is not just our job, its our passion!!

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