A Newfoundland moose or black bear hunting trip with A1Hunts is an adventure you won’t forget!

Our Hunters had 96% Opportunity for Moose over the past 4 years!!                  

A1 Hunts Twin Lakes Newfoundland CanadaNewfoundland is an island in the North Atlantic in Eastern Canada and offers you some of the most exciting and successful moose and large black bear hunting adventures in the world! It is a place of limitless unspoiled beautiful green northern forests, marshes, bogs, lakes and streams. With practically no human pollution in our hunting areas, you can still drink the water from any wilderness stream!

"Beautiful place, staff was great, and food was great." Brian O.

For over 27 years, Twin Lakes Outfitters has operated in the remote, exclusive 50,000-acre Twin Lakes moose-hunting area with tremendous success. Our main hunting lodges, remote wilderness hunting lodges, remote tent camp and mobile campers are all accessible by ground travel only using 4WD vehicles, ARGO's, and ATV's over wilderness roads and paths, and boat lake travel. As a bonus, although we are remote, you can still be confident in your travel plans since we experience no access delays due to inclement weather.

Accommodations & Capacity

A1 Hunts Twin Lakes Newfoundland Moose Hunting Lodge

We can accommodate 28 hunters at any one time, but take a maximum of only 7, allowing us to spread your hunts out over greater areas, maintaining very low hunter density and low hunting pressure on the moose and bear populations. At the same time, it provides you secluded hunts, averaging 96% overall success rate over the past 4 years. Hunter:guide ratio is 1:1 for moose. Our hunters love it!

"Awesome people. Great place. Excellent hunting and guides." Tim M.

Our Hunters' Overall Satisfaction Rating for past 4 years was 4.9 (out of 5.0)

Newfoundland Cuisine

100% Organic Moose Meat Newfoundland Hunts

You will enjoy our meals, consisting of traditional hearty American/Canadian food interspersed with our unique and delicious, 'stick-to-your-ribs' Newfoundland cuisine, prepared from scratch in our main lodges commerical-grade stainless-steel kitchens by a professional chef, who's raved about without exception by all our guests. He even bakes his own home-made bread and pies fresh daily! Our accommodations and facilities, including our main lodges and even our remote wilderness lodges, are luxurous, second to none.

Wilderness Mobile Equipment

You will hunt directly from our main lodges, remote wilderness lodges, remote tent camp, mobile campers, or from remote drop off points accessed with our large well-maintained wilderness mobile equipment fleet of: 4WD pick-up trucks, amphibious 8WD tracked ARGO’s with ROP, quad 4WD all-terrain vehicles (ATV’s), quad 4-tracked ATV’s, 4WD side-by-side ATV’s, and boats with motors. We have a 8-passenger van for highway travel and your airport hotel pick-up/drop-off.

"I liked the reliable transportation to and from the hunts." Jim G.

Moose hunting trip Newfoundland Canada



If you have walking difficulties, your guide will use our wilderness mobile equipment to transport you to the drop-off points, close to spotting and hunting areas that contain abundant moose and bear populations.



Care of Trophy & Meat

We take care of all cleaning and care of your trophy and 100% organic delicious moose meat, and store in an on-site walk-in refrigerated chiller before being transported by us at no cost to you to a local professional butcher and/or taxidermist. When ready, we arrange for the shipping of your processed meat by commercial reefer trucks to a cold storage depot near your home for your pick up. The costs of all processing, and shipping after processing, are the responsibility of the hunter.

"Friendly and expert guide service. Everything was just great." Phil O.

Moose hunting trip Newfoundland Canada


For the safety of our hunters and guides, and to faciliate a smooth running operation, we maintain cell phone and satellite internet service at the main lodges, and constant satellite communications out in the hunting areas.  Due to remoteness these services are intemittent on occasion.

For 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 years, combined, we received an extremely high 4.9 average satisfaction rating (out of a possible 5.0) for our overall operations, based on 9 individual categories, from our own surveys of all of our hunters.

We offer you well organized hunt in vast pristine wilderness with lots of moose - check out "Moose Hunting" page

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